My mission in starting my own business.​

​It was time to breakout on my own and bring quality, detail and compassion to others.​

An idea was born

I had decided that I wanted to spend quality time with my clients and design something that they had envisioned for their forever day or for a friend or love one to show a special tribute to them that was befitting of who they were.

My business is not your average store front florist. I have a floral studio in my home so I can work from home and help reduce overhead costs and give my clients more for their money.

I researched for several months on how to start up my own business. The floral design I have down pat! I took what I had learned about the business, and added to it until it became what it is today.

We are always learning something new everyday and I am thankful for that, because it just means I bring even more knowledge and fabulousness to my floral designs for my clients.

​Owner/Floral Designer

MY story started out in 2014, when I decided in 2013 to retire from the medical community after 22 years of taking care of so many wonderful patients. I still remain in touch with a lot of them. I even do floral designs for several of them.

I was given a chance to work with another wedding floral designer in 2014 after years of creating arrangements from just looking at them. I learned a lot more and grew in my skill.

I then went to work for a store front florist to broaden my skills as a floral designer. I was the wedding floral coordinator and loved taking care of all our clients. I also did funeral work and love doing that as well because it brings the compassion I love to give those that are grieving after a love one or friend who goes on to a much better place.

I am married to a wonderful man, we have daughter, 3 cats and a dog because we are animal lovers too!

My husband works from home as an IT operations engineer..that means he comes in handy when I need help on my computer..

My daughter also is home and does online school, something we just continued to do when we traveled for my husband's previous job.

I have lived in Summerville and Charleston area for 30 years of my life and gladly call it home.

Now that I have started my business and it has taken off, I look so forward in meeting new clients and creating something they will always remember. I want them to remember the experience as well as the designs because the human experience is the MOST important part of JOURNEY.